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APA 7th Referencing

American Psychological Association, 7th edition

Tables and graphs overview

In this section:


These guidelines have been adapted and modified from the APA 7th Manual to suit the needs of Holmesglen students.

 Remember to check with your teacher beforehand to confirm the level of detail that is required. 



Whenever you include a table / graph (figure) in your assignment, you must accompany it with a number and title and note


Number and title above the table/figure
  • Table # / Figure # (in bold font)
  • Title of table / Figure (in italics)


 Note below the table/figure

Note. From/Adapted from Author, Year

*From means you have reprinted/reproduced the table in its exact original form. Adapted from means you have made changes to it (e.g. inserting part of a table in a new table).


Additional table and figure notes 

Notes explain the data in more detail for readers. They appear below the table / graph's caption in the following order:

  • General note

  • Specific note

  • Probability note

  • Reference


In-text citation

In-text citation is not used, instead a note is included at the bottom of the table/figure to acknowledge the source, and the table/figure number is used when you refer to the table or figure in the text, i.e. Table 1 / Figure 1, Table 2 / Figure 2 etc.

E.g. Table 1 highlights ...


Reference list

You will need to reference the source of the table or graph, using the correct format for source used. Refer to relevant information for web sources/webpages, online reports, fact sheets, journal articles etc.