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What is Harvard style?

Harvard style is an author-date system of referencing that uses in-text citations in the body of your work, followed by a reference list on a separate page at the end of the assignment.


This guide is based on and adapted from the Australian Government Style Manual, digital edn. It is specifically designed to suit the needs of Holmesglen students and staff.

Holmesglen Harvard referencing video

Holmesglen Harvard quick guide/accessible version

Referencing basics

What is referencing?

Referencing means acknowledging the sources you have used in your assignment. Referencing ensures that your sources can be found and checked by others. 

Purpose of referencing

  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Verify quotes
  • Readers can find the original sources
  • Demonstrate the level of research you have undertaken

What must be referenced

  • Paraphrased information
  • Ideas and theories
  • Quotes
  • Facts
  • Figures, diagrams and images

What doesn't need to be referenced

  • Common knowledge: Information that is found in many sources, generally known in the subject area, and is not disputed.
    e.g. The human heart has four chambers.
  • Conclusion of your assignment: The last paragraph summarising the key points/arguments already discussed in the body of your work.

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