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Google and Google Scholar

Welcome to Holmesglen's Guide to Google and Google Scholar

We are not affiliated with Google Scholar and cannot assist with enquiries from outside Holmesglen. Contact Google.

In this guide you can find:

  • Tips for searching Google and Google Scholar
  • When and how to find good resources using Google
  • Using basic and advanced search operators
  • How to link to Library databases in Google Scholar

Google, Google Scholar and Library Databases

Below is an overview of the differences between using Google, Google Scholar and Library databases.

Learn more about selecting the right place to search for the resources you need and how to search for resources.



Google Scholar

Library Databases

Access Free and paid resources Free and paid resources Free and resources paid for by the Library

The internet (only what is indexed and findable).

Find public resources from commercial, government, education, organisation, business and individual websites.

Indexes a variety of resources.

Find some education, journal and publisher websites.

Selected specialised and academic databases.

Comprehensively search resources hidden behind logins (i.e. subscribed database content).

Resources Websites, reports, blogs, videos, images, social media Book citations, journal citations and articles, conference reports, theses Books, journals, theses, conference proceedings, reports, standards, newspaper articles, images

Limited ability to refine and prioritise results for subject area, date, scholarly, author, etc.

Use Google advanced search tips to refine results.

Cannot limit by subject area or material type.

Use Scholar advanced search to refine results.

Limit by subject areas, author, publications, scholarly (peer reviewed), resource type and access to full text.

Refer to our database help guides to get the most out of your searches.

Beware Anyone can publish anything on the internet. Evaluate online sources and fact check. Results are often only citations and not full text. Do not pay! Check the Library. Using databases takes practice. If you need help, ask a Librarian.
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