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Google and Google Scholar

Reverse image search

On a computer using any internet browser

Go to Google Images.

Click on the camera icon  to search by image.

Google Image homepage

You can then search using an image on the internet by copying and pasting the URL or upload an image saved to your computer.

Note: On a phone or tablet the camera icon is not available on the Google Images website.


On a phone or tablet using Google, Chrome or Safari app

Note: Use this method to search using an image on the internet. 

Open one of the apps and navigate to the image.

Select the image (long tap the picture). In the top righthand corner, click on the Google Lens icon  to search visually using the image.

If you aren't seeing this option, copy the URL of the image and paste it into the Google Images search box.


On a phone using Google app

Note: Use this method to search using a photo or image saved on your phone.

Open Google app and select the Google Lens icon .

Take a photo using Google Lens or select the picture icon Gallery to search an image already saved on your phone.


For more explanations, visit the Google Search Help Guide for searching with an image on Google.