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Google and Google Scholar

How to access Library full text articles from Google Scholar

Set up links to your libraries, such as Holmesglen Library, to log in and view results in databases straight from Google Scholar.

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on Menu.
    Google Scholar - select menu
  3. Select the Settings cog to access Library Links.
    Google Scholar - select settings cog
  4. Click on Library links on the left.
  5. Type Holmesglen in the box provided, and then click the magnifying glass.
    Tick Holmesglen Institute - Access@HolmesglenLibrary, and then click Save.
  6. If you are studying with a partner university, you can also include them in Google Scholar. Remember to click Save when you are done.
  7. Go back to Google Scholar and perform your search.
  8. If you can see Access@HolmesglenLibrary, this means Holmesglen has access to the full text article.
    Click on Access@HolmesglenLibrary, login using your Holmesglen email and password, and then you can access the article.