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Research Skills

Selecting Your Resources

The ART of selection


 Is information correct?

 Is it from a credible author / source?



 Does it relate to your topic?

 Does it meet your research goal/s?



 Is information current / up-to date?


 ​Evaluating resources video
 Learn how to evaluate resources using the CRAAP test

 Resource evaluation checklist 
 Use the CRAAP test to check a resource's academic suitability / relevance 

Meriam Library, California State University. (2010). Evaluating information: Applying the CRAAP testRetrieved from

Guide to resource types
Resource Characteristics Where to find How to search

Books /

Cover broad topics and / or subjects

e.g. Leadership management

Library Search 

E-Book platforms:

Check index and / or contents for topic and related keywords

Index is located at back with topics / terms listed alphabetically

Contents is located at front listing chapter content


Journal Articles

Cover specific topics and subjects with narrow focus

e.g. effect of charismatic leadership on employee performance

Library databases 
Browse by subject or A - Z listing

Google Scholar 
Use on campus

Check abstract and subject listing for keywords and related topics

Abstract provides a summary and outlines main focus

Subject listing lists related topics and wider focus

View example



Provide visual representation of events, concepts and / or data

e.g. image of human body's circulatory system

Free / CC image sites:

Check for any terms of use, CC or copyright licenses before selecting an image

Free images can be freely copied, re-used and adapted

CC Creative Commons images can be copied or re-used according to the terms of the specific CC license

© Copyright images cannot be copied or re-used without explicit permission from creator



Cover statistics, industry / annual reports and performance, research findings and recommendations

e.g. Dental services in Australia industry report 

Library databases 
Browse by subject or A - Z listing

Government, educational, business/company and NGO websites

Check contents and / or executive summary (where available) for topic and related keywords

Contents is located at front listing section content

Executive summary is located on first few pages summarising content and findings



Cover general background information, may publish statistics and provide links to frameworks, reports, fact sheets and other resources

e.g. Department of Social Services

Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate academic source. Only use as a starting point for your own information

Government, educational, business/company and NGO websites

Check website domain contained in URL and about section to determine if source is academically appropriate

.gov → Government

.org → Organisation 

.au → Australia

.edu → Education

.com / .co → Company / Business