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Research Skills

Writing Your Assignment


Come up with an outlined plan


Write in academic style


Proofread and edit your work


  ?   Check out the Holmesglen Library's Study Skills guide for further advice on writing your assignments. 


Types of Academic Writing

Research Essay

person scrolling through ebook and print books

This is one of the most common writing formats.

It requires you to analyse a topic, and use evidence from research to support your main arguments. 


➤ Essay Writing Structure Overview

Reflective Essay

person viewing laptop

This format requires you to connect what you have learned within your course with your personal thoughts and understandings. 


➤ Reflective Writing 


Report Writing

person writing out report

This format requires you to present the aims and outcomes of your research enquiry.


➤ Report Writing Structure Overview

Annotated Bibliography

magnifying glass in front of search box with world map in background

This format requires you to provide a list of referenced sources, with a brief summary and evaluation of each source.

Sources must be relevant to the topic and there must be a clear relationship between them. 


➤ Annotated Bibliography 

Literature Review

laptop next to print books

This format requires you to critically evaluate research undertaken by others. 


➤ Literature Review