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Using CWYW in Microsoft Word

Inserting in-text citations

1. Under the EndNote 21 tab in Word, go to the Style drop-down menu. 

If your referencing style is not on the list, go to Select Another Style. Select either APA 7th or Holmesglen, depending on your course. 

2. Ensure your cursor is placed where you want to add the citation. 

3. Click on the Insert Citation icon. 

4.  EndNote 21 Find & Insert My References box will open. Use keywords/author name to search for the citation you want to use.

5.. Select the reference and click Insert​​​​​​.

6. Check your citations to ensure they are properly formatted.

EndNote quick reference guides

Adding page numbers to citations

1. Click a citation.

2. Go to Edit & Manage Citation(s) tab. 

3. Go to Pages under Edit Citation.

4. Enter the page number.

Note: if entering a range of numbers, place a dash (-) between the numbers. e.g. 3-5.

Please Note: Only some styles are set to display page numbers.

For other styles, the suffix field can be used for adding page numbers to a citation.

Deleting citations

1. Click a citation.

2. Go to the Edit and Manage Citation(s) tab. 

3. Click the arrow next to Edit Reference.

4. Select Remove Citation


Editing references

1. Highlight the reference. 

2. From the menu, click Edit & Manage Citation(s)

3. Click Edit Reference. This will take you to your EndNote 21 Library.

4. Click the content under a field to edit it. For example, if the referencing style requires you to italicize the book title, ensure that you do so. 

5. Make sure Reference Type is correct. If an e-book is listed as a Book, make sure you change it to Electronic Book, to ensure it is properly referenced. 

6. Once all changes are made, click Save.

7. Return to MS Word. From the menu, click Update Citations and Bibliography

Inserting a citation into Word