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Instructions for adding references

1. In EndNote 21, go to References > New Reference.

2. Under Reference Type, select the type of resource you are using. E.g. book, journal article etc.

3. Now enter the details of the resource in the different fields. Please see below for the minimum fields you need to enter for different resource types.

Note: When adding authors, make sure you type in one author per line. Ensure you format it as follows: Family Name, Given Name.  

4. Once all relevant fields are filled up, click File > Save.


Minimum fields required for different resource types

Book  Author, Title, Year, Publisher, Place Published, Edition (except if it is first edition)
Electronic article Author, Year, Title (Article Title), Periodical Title (Journal Title), Volume, Issue, Pages, Date accessed, DOI (only if using APA), URL (only if using Holmesglen Harvard)
Web page  Author, Year, Title (of webpage), Access Date (when it was viewed), URL
Electronic book Author, Year, Title, Publisher, Date Accessed, URL

EndNote quick reference guides

1. Go to the Library Search page

2. Type the keywords you want to search.

3. Click the title you are interested in.

4. Under Send To, select Export RIS

5. A popup-box will appear. From the dropdown, select windows-1251

6. Click Download

7. Click the downloaded file. 

8. A pop-up will ask you to choose the Destination. Export to: EndNote. 

9. The reference will now appear in your EndNote 21 library under Imported References. Check your reference to ensure it is correctly formatted.

1. Make sure you have your EndNote library open.

2. Conduct your search in EBSCO.

3. Click the title you are interested in.

4. Click Export from the right hand menu.

5. Under Export Manager, ensure that Direct Export in RIS Format is selected. Then click Save.

6. Once downloaded, open the file. In the pop up window choose EndNote and then click OK. 

You can directly export references from many databases into EndNote. 

Please see below for further instructions on how to export from the databases available to Holmesglen students.