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Collect references

Add new references manually or import them from databases. 

Manually Add References to EndNote Online

1. Click New Reference. 

2. Select the Reference Type (e.g. book, article etc) from the drop-down list.  The page will update with the appropriate fields to fill in.

3. Enter information about the source into the relevant fields.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the form. Click the arrow to the left of Groups. If you don't already have any groups, click New Group. 

You will be prompted to create a Group name, before pressing OK. 

References which aren't placed in groups will go directly into the [Unfiled] group. 

If you want to move a reference from [Unfiled] to another group:

  1. Go to My References [Unfiled].
  2. Select the references that you want to move.
  3. From the Add to group… drop-down list, choose where you want to move your reference.

Export References from Library Search

1. Go to the Library Search page

2. Type the keywords you want to search.

3. Click the title you are interested in.

4. Under Send To, select EndNote

5. You will receive confirmation from EndNote Online that the reference was successfully imported. 


Exporting references from library search to EndNote online video

This brief video shows you how to export references from Library Search to EndNote online.

Export References from Databases

You can directly export references from many databases into EndNote Online. 
Please see above for further instructions on how to export from the databases available to Holmesglen students.