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Informit Help Guide

Welcome to the Informit help guide

In this guide you can find:

  • Information on how to log in to Informit
  • A brief description of Informit databases
  • Tips for searching through Informit
  • Saving and exporting search results
  • Details on how to contact the Library for assistance

What is Informit?

Informit is a source of research from Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific researchers, publishers, associations and peak professional bodies.The collection includes books, scholarly journals and videos from sectors such as health, engineering, business, humanities, science and law.

Search all Informit databases concurrently - for a broad search or if you are unsure which Informit database is most relevant to your subject.

Search an individual database  - for precise and targeted search result related specifically to your subject area or topic.

Informit - search all databases

Informit databases

Searching individual databases

To search the databases using the links below please use the Search box at the top of the database page. Type your search straight into the search box or select Advanced Search.