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Australian Standards (Techstreet)

Techstreet printable PDF handout

Panopto video links

These videos can be embedded into Brightspace courses to assist students.

These videos are checked every year for currency and updated when needed. Links will remain the same when videos are updated, so any Brightspace courses containing them will not be affected.

About our subscription

Australian Standards are protected by copyright law and a licence agreement. The licence agreement is standard across all educational institutions in Australia.

The online Standards are protected by FileOpen which is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) software to control or prevent digital copies from being shared over computer networks.

A watermark with your Holmesglen email address will be inserted on any document you download, down the right hand side of every page.

The licence agreement allows you to: 

  • download as many copies of a standard as you like but only for your own study purposes.
  • make up to two printouts of a standard you downloaded for your own study purposes.
  • make these printouts anywhere.

The licence agreement does not allow:  

  • you to make more than two printouts of the same Standard for yourself.
  • you to make electronic copies or printouts for your friends, workmates, or classmates.
  • your teachers, library staff, or anyone else to download or print a copy to give to you to keep.

Printing class sets

The licence agreement also allows you as a teacher to print class sets if:

  • your name appears in the watermark of every page of every copy.
  • you collect all copies at the end of the course.