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Australian Standards (Techstreet)

About lists

Lists are an easy way to group related standards and keep on top of updates or changes to those standards. For any standard you add to a list, Techstreet Enterprise will send you an email each time it’s updated, and the updated version will be automatically added to your list.

Lists can be private, or you can share them with other users by making them public. You can also make group lists to share standards between a select set of users.

Create a new list

1. Click the LISTS tab in the top menu to access your lists.


2. Click on Create New List.

3. Enter a name and a description (optional) for your list and click Create List.

List Options: If you want this list to be available to other users within your subscription, make it public or share with a group of users.

Adding items to lists

You can add a document to a list from either search results or from a product detail page by clicking on the bookmark icon.