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Australian Standards Database Guide (Techstreet)

Search box

Use the search box to type in the name of the standard you are looking for.

1.  Type the standard number you are looking for (or part of the number) into the search box (prefix not needed) 
OR Type a keyword into the search box. For example, Searching for the word steel will find all standards with the word steel in the title.

2.  Click Search, or hit enter.

Document details page

The document detail page is where you can download the standard and see important details about the standard, such as whether it is the most recent version.

Search modifiers

Once the results are displayed, you can further refine your search by clicking the search modifiers on the left.

Use these to see documents that are not in your subscription or to see historical documents.

Search tips

Include a space between the publisher and the document number.
ASTM D1250” NOT “ASTMD1250”

If you’re not sure of the publisher or acronym, enter the document number only.
e.g: “650” “9000” “B31.3”

Leave off the edition dates in document numbers.
e.g: “IEEE 802.3” NOTIEEE 802.3-2000”

Use a minus sign (-) in place of “NOT”.
e.g: ASTM steel -stainless results in documents mentioning ASTM and steel but NOT stainless.

Use quotes (" ") to find an exact phrase.
e.g: “plastic pressure vessels” only returns results matching that entire phrase.

Check the publisher’s acronym. A misspelling may give incorrect results.

Broaden your search by searching for something more general.
e.g: “pump standards” instead of “centrifugal high-flow pump standards”

Narrow your search by searching for a unique combination of words from the title.
e.g: “hardened titanium tool steel” or “oilfield gas valve corrosion”

Include a combination of the publisher name, acronym, keywords, author, etc.
e.g: “ASTM tool steel”