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Australian Standards (Techstreet)

Search box

From the Techstreet home page, use the search box to find standards.

1.  Type the standard number you are looking for into the search box (prefix not needed) 
OR type a keyword into the search box.

2.  Click Search, or hit enter.

As you type in to the search box, suggestions will appear based on your search words.

Search Results

Scroll through the search results until you find the standard you want to access.

Click on the bookmark icon to save the standard for later access.
Click on the title to view the document details page.

How do I view and print standards?

Search tips

  • Include a space between the publisher and the document number.
    “AS 2870" NOT “AS2870”
  • Leave off the edition dates in document numbers.
    e.g: “AS/NZS 4282" NOT “AS/NZS 4282:2019”
  • Use quotes (" ") to find an exact phrase.
    e.g: “plastic pressure vessels” only returns results matching that entire phrase.
  • Include a combination of the publisher name, acronym, keywords, author, etc.
    e.g: “AS timber construction”
  • Broaden your search by searching for something more general.
    e.g: “pump standards” instead of “centrifugal high-flow pump standards”
  • Narrow your search by searching for a unique combination of words from the title.
    e.g: “hardened titanium tool steel” or “oilfield gas valve corrosion”