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Welcome to the IBISWorld help guide

In this guide you can find out how to:

  • Search and browse IBISWorld industry reports
  • Cite and reference IBISWorld industry reports
  • Contact the Library for assistance

What is IBISWorld?


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IBISWorld database is the most comprehensive collection of industry reports in Australia. Each report contains data and analysis on market characteristics, current and forecast performance, major companies and much more.                                                                     

IBISWorld - New Releases

Access this "Resources" page via the IBISWorld database.  Login using Holmesglen email and password.

Once you have opened the IBISWorld Industry Research Reports (ANZSIC) home page, click on "Resources" on the top menu and you can choose to view "Key Trends" on industries/sectors or "Industry Insider Blog" covering the latest articles on apply industry research, analyst insights or press releases.


IBISWorld - Videos

analysing inflation

Analysing Inflation: Global Insights

Runtime: 24:54  ;  Nov. 2022
Listen to IBISWorld industry experts discuss the implications of global inflation and the possibility of a global recession, while comparing differing government responses across the United States, Europe and Australia. 

utilize industry data to strengthen your supply chains

Utilize Industry Data to Strengthen Your Supply Chains [IBISWorld Applied]

Runtime:  1: 24 ; Oct. 2023
Learn how IBISWorld's industry data has helped organizations elevate their procurement negotiations and optimize their supply chains.

Who is IBISWorld

Who is IBISWorld

Runtime: 1:05 ;  2023
A brief walkthrough video provides you an overview of the database.

modern research experience

IBISWorld's Modern Research Experience

Runtime: 3:30 ;  Aug. 2023
This video highlights the top sections and features of IBISWorld's industry research reports.

For more information on the enhanced report chapters and sections within IBISWorld, visit the New industry report structure or the New report structure brochure which outlines all the new and updated chapters.

IBISWorld - Products

IBISWorld includes various products covering Australian Industry Reports (ANZSIC), SME industry reports, Specialized industry reports and Company Profiles.  It offers comprehensive collection of market research, industry risk ratings, company research, company profiles and inflation tracker tool in Australia and New Zealand.  It also offers similarly detailed research on selected industries in China and Worldwide.   

The Holmesglen Library has access to the selected collection Australia Industry Report (ANZSIC) within IBISWorld.  Login using Holmesglen email and password.

  • IBISWorld Australia Industry Report (ANZSIC)   
    Explore a huge collection of research reports on Australian industries, including key statistics, current market analysis, major industry players, current and historical performance, and a five-year forecast.  Browse industry reports by different sectors or Search by keywords, company name or industry.
  • IBISWorld Business Environment Profiles
    Provide insight into the key drivers including exchange rates, commodity prices, interest rates, weather conditions, consumer attitudes, demographics and many more.  Click here to read the article on how are the Business Environment Profiles structured and what are the key sections included.



IBISWorld Products available via the State Library of Victoria 

You can access the following IBISWorld products via the State Library of Victoria's website with State Library membership.  It is free for all residents in Victoria but you have to do the registration first.   Please click the State Library's membership form for free access registration and be reminded to observe its Conditions of access when using the resources (Note that the use of eresources must be for private research and study purposes only. No use is allowed for business, commercial, professional or work-related purposes. Downloads not available)

  • IBISWorld Australia Company Profiles
    Search across a collection of company profiles analyzing the 2000 largest Australian and New Zealand companies. Each report features key personnel, financials and other relevant data including an analysis of the competitive environment.

  • IBISWorld Australia SME Industry Report
    Find vital industry statistics and analysis for small-to-medium (SME) enterprises generating $10 million or less.

  • IBISWorld Australia Specialized Industry Report
    Discover a growing collection of research reports on niche and emerging Australian industries, including key statistics, current market analysis, major industry players, current and historical performance, and a five-year forecast.