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ClickView (Streaming Videos)

Instructions for using the ClickView Streaming Video service.

Navigating ClickView

Navigate ClickView from the features bar at the top of the screen.

Dashboard is the home page of the ClickView streaming service.

ClickView home image



Libraries display content available to Holmesglen students and staff. 

ClickView Libraries

To play a video from the menu; click on the title or thumbnail and the video will begin automatically.



  Workspace displays videos and clips you create from the platform.

ClickView workstation


Workspace enables you to upload and share content created by you.  PLEASE NOTE: Before uploading to ClickView, please read the Terms and Conditions

ClickView upload user-created video

How to create an Interactive Video


 Choose Interactive videos.

 Select Create an Interactive Video.Interactive vide 1


 Choose Interactive Video Editor (this is optional).

  Interactive Image 2















 Any content you have created will be displayed here.

Interactive Video 3

How to create a Video Clip


  From the Clips tab, select Create a Clip.

Create Video Clip Image 1


  Use the Blue Bar to mark the Start and End points of the Clip you want to create.

  Choose a Clip Title.


Create Video Clip Image 2

Playlists - Create and Share Playlists

1. Under the Player screen select Add to Playlist.

2. Give your playlist a name and description (optional).

3. Playlists can be edited and shared at any time.


Playlist from user workspace