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ClickView (Streaming Videos)

Instructions for using the ClickView Streaming Video service.

Sharing links in Brightspace

ClickView videos can be shared with your students as links in Brightspace.

1. Once you have found a video you would like to use, click the Share button beneath the video player.

2. Highlight and copy the text from the box beneath Link to this video.


ClickView Share Video Link

Embedding ClickView videos in Brightspace

Educational videos can be directly embedded into Brightspace.

1. On the video page, click the Share button beneath the video player, then select the Embed tab.

2. Highlight and copy the text from the box beneath Embed this video.ClickView Embed Video

3. Log into Brightspace and enter your course.

4. Select the course and the module that you wish to add the video to.

5. Click the Upload / Create button and then select Video or Audio.

Upload to Brightspace

6. Paste the ClickView URL into the box and click Save.

Upload to Brightspace

7. After you enter the URL, you will see the following security warning. Click the box Always trust this URL to avoid receiving this message in the future. Click Allow.

Upload to Brightspace

8. Type a name for the video and click Save.