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ClickView (Streaming Videos)

Instructions for using the ClickView Streaming Video service.

Finding Videos

There are three ways to search for ClickView videos:

  • Search for keywords using the search bar
  • Browse by subject
  • Use the drop-down menu in the Tertiary Library Sidebar (left of screen).

Methods of Finding Videos

To find a film, enter the term you are looking for in the search box and press Enter on your keyboard or the search button. The most relevant titles will be displayed. 

clickview search

Looking for an exact film title or phrase
Enter your search term in "quotation marks" to ensure you look for the exact phrase.

Example: "The Limnetic Zone" will bring up the exact video or "Agricultural Technologies" will bring up all videos that contain the phrase "Agricultural Technologies".

Looking for two terms

Include the Boolean operator AND between search terms to get results that contain both words, not just either word.  This will narrow down your search results.

Searching for "American AND politics" retrieves results that contain both words.

Include the Boolean operator OR between keywords to search synonyms (similar words) at the same time.  This will broaden your search results.

Example: searching for finance OR banking will retrieve results that contain either words.

Wildcard searches:
Include a wildcard  symbol (*) either in the middle at the end of a keyword to search variations of that word.  This will broaden your search results.  

Example: searching for "politic*" will search for anything containing the words politic, politics, political, etc or "wom*n" will search for both women and woman.


Search Image Clickview


Refine Search results using the filter option.

ClickView Search Filter









Videos are displayed as broad categories (eg. Business) and divided into subcategories (eg. Accounting).

Click on a subject category to view related subcategories.

image of the ClickView search bar


The Tertiary Library Sidebar contains a drop-down menu of each subject catagory and subcatagories.

ClickView Tertiary Library sidebar