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Allied Health

Health services assistance.

  Health & Safety Guidelines in Australian Hospitals Training manual DVD 363.156 WOR

 Hazard awareness, Slips, trips & falls, Moving & handling, Emergency response, Electrical safety, Heat hazards, Infection control, Hygiene guidelines, Security, Hazardous substances, Laundry & kitchen safety, Waste disposal, Aggression management, Stress management. Accompanies a DVD.

Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care by Susan Alvare Hedman

Call Number: 362.0425 HED :3 
Publication Date: 2018

Information on long-term care, as well as some material on subacute and acute care. Contains: information on resident rights, ways to promote independence, prevent abuse and neglect, person-centered care, culture change, infection prevention, anatomy and physiology, changes of aging and observing and reporting, nutrition, special diets, feeding techniques, pre- and post-operative care, mechanical ventilation, chest tubes, artificial airways.

  Moving & handling Essential principles Australian hospitals training manual DVD363.156 WOR

Promoting independence, Making your work environment safer, Risk assessment/transfer plans, Posture & movement, The latest movement & handling techniques in relation to: Beds, General transfer situations, Chairs, Support while working, managing a fall, Toileting & washing.

   Infection control essential practices and procedures for Australian hospitals Training manual. DVD363.156 WOR

Hazards, risk assessment, basic hygiene, spills, handling & disposal of sharps & waste, sterilizing, disinfection, linen, food services safety, infectious illnesses, infection control.

    Behaviour management & communication issues Australian Hospitals & Health Care Facilities Training Manual

DVD 363.156 WOR

Aggression, Challenging behavior, Risk assessments, Incident reporting, Reducing the risk of challenging behaviour, Protection measures for hospital personnel, Promoting patient compatibility, Communication skills, Conflict resolution, Managing aggressive situations, Employee stress.

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