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Welcome to the ProQuest help guide

In this guide you can find:

  • Information on how to log in to the database
  • A brief description
  • Tips for searching
  • Details on how to contact the Library for assistance

What is ProQuest?

User guides and video tutorials

For more information, database tips and support materials, visit the ProQuest platform guide.

Citing and referencing sources

ProQuest provides suggested citations. To save time, you can copy and paste this citation into your assignment reference list and edit/adjust format according to the required referencing style, using Holmesglen's APA 7th or Harvard referencing guides for required formats.

Note: Please check with your teacher to confirm which reference style is used for your course. 


Step 1: After completing a search, click on the title of the source you want listed in the results page.

Step 2: In the top right-hand corner, click on the Cite button option.

Step 3: A pop up window will appear. Select the required referencing style from the drop down menu, then copy and paste citation into your assignment's reference list.

Screenshot of ProQuest database citation generator

Step 4: Edit citation according to APA 7th or Holmesglen Harvard format using the Holmesglen's referencing guides.


APA 7th example

Gross, D., Bettencourt, A. F., Taylor, K., Lucine, F., Bower, K., & Singleton, D. L. (2020). What is parent engagement in early learning?: Depends who you ask. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 29(3), 747-760. 

Holmesglen Harvard example

Gross, D, Bettencourt, AF, Taylor, K, Lucine, F, Bower, K & Singleton, DL (2019) 'What is parent engagement in early learning?: depends who you ask', Science and Children, 29(3):747-760, doi:10.1007/s10826-019-01680-6.