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MIMS Online (eMIMSelite)

Welcome to the eMIMSelite (MIMS Online) help guide

In this guide you can find:

  • Information on how to log in to databases
  • A brief description of MIMS Online
  • Tips for searching through MIMS Online
  • Details on how to contact the Library for assistance

Note: MIMS Online is restricted to two users at a time.

What is eMIMSelite?

 eMIMSelite is a refresh to medicine information resource by MIMS.  The platform comes with a refreshed website for a faster and more seamless experience. It is a consolidated platform presented in a standardized and easy-to-use format. The platform has a more intuitive user interface, making accessing information and navigation easier compared to MIMS Online.

MIMS is a leading supplier of independent medical information to Australian Healthcare professionals. It enables healthcare professionals to keep up to date with changes in medicines listings, new launches of medicines and current PBS data, information about particular medications,  interactions with other medications, images of medications and detailed information about the content and formulation of medicines.

MIMS has a number of different options for finding information. 

1. “Search” in the navigation bar on the top left menu OR

2. Use the search box on the homepage to begin a drug search.

eMIMS user guide

Results screen showing full product information

Results screen showing information from "Don't rush to crush handbook"

eMIMSplus training Video and user guide

Citing information from eMIMSelite

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