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What are permalinks?

Permalinks, also referred to as persistent links, provide a permanent static link to a specific piece of content on a webpage. 

A permalink can link directly to

  • an ebook in Proquest, EBSCO or the library catalogue
  • a specific full-text article in a library database

Permalinks are useful because URLs (website links) tend to break over time, as sites are updated and content is moved around.

Locating permalinks

To find the permalinks for Proquest ebooks

  1. select Share link to book - located in the panel on the left
  2. permalink will appear in a pop-up
  3. press Control-C  to copy

showing Share link to book link at bottom left and permalink pop-up box at the centre of the screen

To find the permalinks for EBSCO ebooks and full-text articles

  1. Click link located at the bottom of the Tools menu.
  2. The permalink will appear at the top of the record.

permalink tool is highlighted at the bottom right hand side of the image and permalink is highlighted at the top of the screen


O'Reilly's books do not have specific permalinks or persistent links and have short URLs which go directly to individuals books and chapters. 

After finding the ebook in the catalogue 

  1. select Permalink
  2. copy the permalink to the clipboard

catalogue record for an ebook showing permalink