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Library Search

Instruction guide for the Library Search

Manage search results

Email the search results

If you would like to email yourself or a group a copy of the search results, click on the envelope icon.

red arrow pointing envelope icon on the top right of the search result

Fill in the email addresses and click SEND.

Screen capture showing to put email address in the TO field

Keep in My Favourites

To put an item into a temporary my favorite folder, click on pushpin icon.

Red arrow pointing pushpin button on the top right of the result

More options

Click on ... for more options

red arrow pointing ... button on the top right of the result page

You can export an item into a bibliographic management application EndNote Onlinebookmark this item with the permalink, or print this item etc.

more options to choose from- Exporet RIS, Refworks, Endnote, Ccitation, Permalink, Print, Email