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Holmesglen Institutional Repository

A guide to show you how to use the repository

Login with ORCID

1. Click on Log in and click Log in with ORCID.


2. Type in your ORCID iD (or email address registered with ORCID) and password, and click SIGN IN.

4. If this is your first time logging in via ORCID, then you will be prompted with an authorization page. 
Click Authorize to allow the Holmesglen Institutional Repository to access your public records.

ORCID authorization screen



Remove ORCID authorization

If you would like to remove your authorization, please log into ORCID, then go to Account Setting, look under Trusted organizations, and click the rubbish bin button to remove your authorization.

Trusted organizations page in ORCID, with trusted organization, approval date and access type