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Australian Bureau of Statistics

Welcome to the Australian Bureau of Statistics help guide

In this guide you can find:
  • A brief description of the Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Tips for searching through the Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Details on how to contact the Library for assistance

What is the ABS?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is Australia’s national statistical agency. The ABS provides statistics on a wide range of economic and social matters, serving government, business and the general population of Australia.

Database access

To access the Australian Bureau of Statistics go directly to the ABS website or find it listed in the Library Databases A-Z list.

The ABS website is free to use by the public; however, you will be required to register to use the Table Builder Basic. For help visit the TableBuilder help page.

Key publications

How to navigate

There are several tools you can use to get around the website:

​​​​​​​There is also a Search box located at the top right of every page. To use it, simply enter a few short words describing the information you want to find. Click Search and you will be taken to a page displaying your search results.

Check out the ABS Help pages to help find your way around the site.