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Holmesglen Harvard Referencing Guide

Websites format

If briefly mentioning a website, your in-text citation should include the URL in brackets. You do not need to cite it again in your references list.


Beyondblue ( is a website supporting those with mental illness. 


If citing specific information on a webpage, then it must be cited and referenced. Please see instructions below. 

If you are uncertain, please talk to your teacher or a librarian.

Webpages format

Reference elements

annotated reference example for a webpage


In-text citation

  Format Example

(Author Year)


Author (Year)

... is required to manage trade affairs (World Trade Organization [WTO] 2016). 


The World Trade Organization [WTO] (2016) discusses ...


'...' (Author Year)


Author (Year) '...' 

Employers should support their workers by 'promoting open communication about potential health issues' (Nurse and Midwife Support 2017). 


According to Nurse and Midwife Support (2017), employers should encourage 'open communication about potential health issues'. 

  • Given that the World Trade Organization is known in its abbreviated form, the 2nd citation onwards should be shortened to WTO (2016) or (WTO 2016). See: in-text citation formats for more information. 
  • If there is no date attached to the page, refer to the copyright date (usually located at the bottom of the page) e.g. Copyright © 2017 Nurse & Midwife Support. 



  Format Example
Webpage with author(s)

Author, AA Year, Title of webpage, viewed Day Month Year, http://xxxxx.

Atwood, M 2019, Biography - Margaret Atwood, viewed 4 December 2019,

Webpage with organisation

Organisation Year, Title of webpage, viewed Day Month Year, http://xxxxx.

Nurse and Midwife Support 2017, Helping your employees and students, viewed 7 June 2019,

  • URL is website homepage.
  • URLs are formatted as normal text and are not hyperlinked.

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