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Harvard (Holmesglen) Referencing Guide - Previous Edition

Online Documents

Online documents are PDFs, PowerPoint slides and Word documents that were retrieved from a website. 

Types of online documents include (but not limited to):

  • Brochure
  • Ethical guideline (often known as 'code of conduct', 'code of ethics' and 'code of practice')
  • Fact sheet
  • Media/press release
  • Policy brief (Concise summary of an issue, which includes recommendations)
  • White paper (Provides an organisation’s stance, or policy on a particular issue)


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Online documents format

Reference elements

annotated reference example for an online document


In-text citation

  Format Example

(Author Year)


Author (Year)

When promoting a health service, nurses should ensure that information is valid and truthful (Australian Nursing Federation 2017).


The Australian Nursing Federation (2017) states that health services should be promoted truthfully and accurately. 


'...' (Author Year, p. xx)


Author (Year, p. xx) '...' 

Climate change will 'add to social, economic and political tensions' (Australian Government 2017, p. 33).


The Australian Government (2017, p. 33) acknowledges that climate change will 'add to social, economic and political tensions'.



General format
Author, AA Day Month Year, Title, description of material, viewed Day Month Year, http://xxxxx.


Common types of online documents


Toyota Motor Sales 2018, 2019 Avalon, brochure, viewed 7 June 2019,

Ethical guidelines, codes of conduct/ethics/practice

Safe Work Australia May 2018, Construction work: code of practice, ethical guidelines, viewed 7 June 2019,

Fact sheet

Australian Nursing Federation 2017, Advertising by Nurses and Midwives, fact sheet, viewed 17 July 2019,

Media/Press release

Merlino, J 2018, Giving South Morang students more options for school, media release, October 30, viewed 7 June 2019,

Policy brief

Centre for Community Child Health 2018, Place-based collective impact: an Australian response to childhood vulnerability, policy brief, viewed 7 June 2019,

White paper

Australian Government 2017, 2017 foreign policy white paper, white paper, viewed 7 June 2019,

  • URLs are formatted as normal text and are not hyperlinked.