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Holmesglen Harvard Referencing Guide

Architect/Builder drafts, drawings and plans format

Unpublished drafts, drawings or plans

* Same format applies also for blueprints and site plans.



There is the option to include the draft, drawing or plan as part of the body of your assignment (using a caption) and/or include them at the end of your document as an appendix.

  Format Example


Figure #: Figure title (Author Year)

Figure 1: Builder's plan for three bedroom townhouse (Giordano Homes 2021)


[Image, screenshot or section of draft, drawing or plan]


Appendix Appendix #: Appendix title (Author Year)

Appendix 1: Builder's plan for three bedroom townhouse (Giordano Homes 2021)


[Attached draft, drawing or plan]



In-text citation

Format Example

(Author Year) 


Author (Year)


Figure #

... was used as part of the building project (Giordano Homes 2021).


Giordano Homes (2021) exemplify in their plan ...


As shown in Figure 1 ...



Format Example
Author AA Year, Title of draft/drawing/plan [unpublished type of document], Organisation Name, Location. Giordano Homes 2021, Three bedroom townhouse [unpublished building plan], Giordano Homes, Brighton.