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Harvard (Holmesglen) Referencing Guide - Previous Edition

Format Requirements

Conference papers and proceedings


Reference elements


In-text citation

  Format Example

... (Author Year)


Author (Year) ...

was shown in the feedback  (Winstone & Boud 2017)


According to Winstone and Boud (2017), the feedback revealed ...


'...' (Author Year, p. xx) 


Author (Year, p. xx) '...'  

It was shown that '...' (Winstone & Boud 2017, p. xx)


Winstone and Boud (2017) state that '...' during the trial (p. xx)



  Format Example
Conference paper published  online

Author, AA Year, 'Title of paper', Title of conference proceedings, Place, Date of conference, viewed Day Month Year, http://xxxxx.

Winstone, N & Boud, D 2017, ‘Supporting students’ engagement with feedback: the adoption of student-focused feedback practices in the UK and Australia’, Annual Conference of the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE), Newport, South Wales, 6-8 December 2017, viewed 7 October 2020,

Note: URL is the conference homepage. If viewed in a Library database, cite the name of the database. eg Viewed 7 October, Proquest database.

Conference proceedings online


Author/organisation Year, Title of conference proceedings including date and place if part of title, viewed Day Month Year, http://xxxxx.

IAENG (International Association of Engineers) 2017, World Congress on Engineering 2017, Imperial College, London, UK, 5-7 July 2017, viewed on 7 October 2020,

Conference paper unpublished  

Author, AA Year, 'Title of paper', paper presented at the Title of conference proceedings, Place, Date of conference. 

Tomscha, S 2017, ‘Wetlands for people and place: developing a blueprint for ecosystem service restoration in wetlands’, paper presented at the EIANZ Annual Conference, Tu Kaha: Stand tall, Wellington, New Zealand, 29 October -1 November 2017.

Note: include the phrase ‘paper presented at...’ before the name of the conference. You do not need to put the conference name in italics.

Conference paper (print) Author, AA Year, 'Title of paper', Title of conference proceedings, Place, Date of conference, pp.xx-xx.

Hay, B 2016, ‘Drone tourism: a study of the current and potential use of drones in hospitality and tourism’, CAUTHE 2016: the changing landscape of tourism and hospitality: the impact of emerging markets and emerging destinations, Blue Mountains, Sydney, 8-11 February, 2016, pp. 49-68. 

Note: format is very similar to that used for journal articles.


NOTE: This page contains the correct format for both recorded and non-recorded webinars. 


Reference elements

annotated reference example for a recorded webinar

In-text citation

Format Example

(Title Year)


Title (Year)

... is mentioned (Blockchain technology for recordkeeping 2018).


Blockchain technology for recordkeeping (2018) suggests ... 



  Format Example

Title of webinar Year, format, Day Month of recording, Author, viewed Day Month Year, http://xxxxx. 

Blockchain technology for recordkeeping 2018, video file, 7 June, PC Franks, viewed 1 July 2019,

Non-recorded Title of webinar Year, format, Day Month of recording, Author, viewed Day Month Year.  Emotional intelligence in the workplace a webinar for nurses and midwives 2021, webinar,  3 July, Stanley D, viewed 25 August 2021.