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Holmesglen Harvard Referencing Guide

Building and construction specific sources

Referencing formats

Here are some common building and construction sources and where to find the referencing formats for these within the guide.


Building drafts, drawings and plans

See architect/builder drafts, drawings and plans section of the guide.


Building standards, codes and patents

These include Australian Standards and National Construction Code. See standards, building codes and patents section of the guide.


Codes of conduct or practice

Reference these as an online document (ethical guideline). See online documents section of the guide.


Images/Photos of building sites

The images, artworks and screenshots section of the guide contains the relevant formats.


Safety guidelines and information

Reference these according to the source in which you found this information.


Other general sources (e.g. book, webpage etc.)

Refer to the appropriate source type tabs in this guide. If unsure, please chat to a librarian.