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SAGE Journals Help Guide

How to search in SAGE Journals

  1. Enter your search terms into the search boxes provided.Click + to add rows if you require more search boxes.

    You can improve your search by adding Boolean operator AND, OR and NOT. By default, SAGE Journals combine the terms with the Boolean operator AND. For more information about the Boolean operator, please visit Using Boolean Search page.

  2. The Publication Date is set to include the earliest journal issue covered by default. By changing this to the last 5-10 years will have a significant impact on the number of references located with your search.
    Red arrow pointing custom rage from 2015 to 2020
  3. Under Access Type, select Only content to which I have full access, which is the Nursing and Health Science Collection and open access collection.  Click Search when you are done.
    Red arrow pointing "Only content to which I have full access" under access type
  4. In search result page, click Preview to read the abstract, and/ or access the full-text article by clicking the buttons underneath.Red arrow pointing preview to preview article, a page with text icon for full text, and pdf icon for pdf file