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Australian Standards Database Guide

Changes to Australian Standards

SAI Global is implementing changes in the way Standards are accessed and downloaded.
This change came into effect on the 1st of July 2020.

What are the Changes?

If you want to download a standard, you will need to:

  • Register your own (free) account with SAI Global.

  • Install the FileOpen plug-in and use a supported PDF viewer (such as Adobe Reader)

How do I register an account?

Please refer to the Registration Instructions page.

Where can I find the required software?

Please refer to the Installation Requirements page.

Frequently Asked Questions

» Why is this change being made?

This new technology has been implemented by SAI Global to meet the requirements of publishers as to how their intellectual property is used, and protect their works from unintended copyright license violations.

Documents downloaded from SAI Global are now in a DRM (Digital Rights Management) PDF format. This means that there are restrictions on what can be done with the document. 

» What are the new restrictions?

  • Access to open and save the document for limited to one user on one device.
  • Ability to print the document twice
  • No ability to cut and paste from the document

» Where can I save my PDF?

You can save the PDF on your computer or device, but it will then be locked to that device. If you wish to access it on another device, you must download it there as well.

You will NOT be able to save the file on
    - Shared drive
    - USB drive
    - Drop box
    - Other shared location 


» Can I change my password to something easier to remember?

Unfortunately at this stage it is not possible to change your password. Be sure to make note of your password in a safe place or ensure retain the original original to refer to.

» I am having trouble with my registration. What can I do?

Contact the Library for troubleshooting help with registering or signing in to Australian Standards.
We can help you over the phone, via email or organise a Webex meeting.