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Australian Standards Database Guide


» Why didn't I receive a verification email from SAI Global?

Verification emails from SAI Global may be mistakely classified as junk mail or spam by the student email system. Please check your junk folder before trying to register again, as you will be locked out after multiple registration attempts (If this happens, please contact the library).

To avoid this, you can add this email address to your whitelist:


» Standards are very slow to load. How can I speed it up?

Upgrade to the latest version of your web browser, as each new version has had noticeable speed improvements. If it is still slow, try downloading an alternative browser. You may also wish to check the speed of your connection by contacting your Internet Service Provider.

The best way to improve the speed is to change your browser settings to automatically download PDFs.


» How do I set my browswer to automatically download PDFs?

In Google Chrome, click the 3 dots menu on the top right of the browser and then click settings. Click 'Advanced' at the end. Scroll to the Privacy & Security settings and click 'Site Settings'. On the Site Settings page, click 'PDF documents'. Then turn on the 'Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome'. Once you've changed your browser PDF settings, right click on "Save File" to download the PDF.


» Why can't I open my publication?

To open a PDF standard for the first time, you need to be connected to the internet, and have Adobe Reader and the FileOpen plug-in installed.

Some email software such as Outlook may alter the download link. This means that Adobe Reader may not be able to download the file. Instead you can change the settings of your browser so that it will automatically download PDFs.

Access to open and save the document is limited to one user and is locked to the computer/device where it is first opened. If you wish to access it on another device, you must download it there as well. If you open a publication and then forward it to someone else, they will not be able to open it. Please see this video from SAI Global for more information about viewing downloaded PDFs.

How do I know if I have the right kind of PDF software?

Australian Standards can only be opened using Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from here.


» How can I tell if I have the FileOpen plugin installed?

Open Adobe Reader. Go to Help -> about Adobe -> about third party plug-ins. If you can see "FileOpen Client", then the plug-in has been installed. If not, download it for free from here.

» When trying to view a Standard that I saved, a message appears saying the document has expired. What could be wrong?

Standards that are downloaded will time out after a period of 5 days. Re-download the file or view it online.


» The program crashes when I try to print. What could be the problem?

In some cases a printer spool can be faster than the download, and will crash when you try and print a Standard. To overcome this, download the entire file locally and try printing again.


» Why can't I print a second copy of a standard?

The license allows you to print one complete copy of the publication. Please note that printing a single page from the publication will consume your print rights. So, if you wish to have a hardcopy version of your PDF, it is advised that you print the entire publication.


» I'm still having trouble accessing standards. What can I do?

Contact the Library for help with registering or downloading Australian Standards. We can help you over the phone, via email or organise a Webex meeting.