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Australian Standards Database Guide

Search Types

There are three different ways of searching the Australian Standards interface:

  • Quick Search - Default search method - recommended if you know the name or number of the standard you want. 
  • Subject Search - This is recommended if you do not know the exact standard name or number.
  • Power Search -  An advanced search tool which gives you additional searching options.

Please Note: Searching does not require a login, but you must register and login before you can open any standards.

How to Search


1.  Click on Quick Search.

2.  Type the standard number you are looking for (or part of the number) into the search box (prefix not needed) 
OR Type a keyword into the search box. For example, Searching for the word steel will find all standards with the word steel in the title.

The Within Subscription Only checkbox enables you to limit the search to Standards that are part of Holmesglen's subscription.

3.  Click Search.

4.  Once you find the standard you want, you can:

  • Click the title to view more information about the standard
  • Click View Document to display the document content (Login required).

1.   Click on Subject Search.
2.   You will see a list of subjects. Click on a subject to select it.
3.   You will see a list of standards related to the chosen subject.
4.   Select the standard you want and click View Document to open the PDF viewer.
1.   Click on Power Search.
2.   Beside Document Type, you can select a document type from the drop down menu. Select from Standards, Drafts, Amendments, or All.
3.   Beside Document Status, you can select the status of document you are looking for. Select from Current standards (default), Withdrawn standards, or All records.
4.   Use the three drop down menus in the middle to further customise your search. You can search by reference number, keyword in title, full text, publishing date and more. Select the suitable field types from the drop down boxes and type the keywords relevant to your search.